How to do a password reset using Routerlogin.net?

Simple steps to do the admin password Reset in case if You changed the router username password and forget the old password that you have created for routerlogin.net.

  • To do a password reset on the router using any web browser type www.routerlogin.net in the address field. A login page of your wifi router opens.
  • Click on cancel, it will ask to Enter The serial number of the wifi router. The serial no is on the product label at the back of the router in white label.
  • Click on continue and answer the two security questions displayed on the screen.
  • Then click continue. A screen comes up that says router password reset.Enter the new admin password or set new security questions
  • Click on the option Next and password reset successful display on your screen.Click on login to enter the new password for router login.

How to Update firmware with nighthawk login page ?

  • Open a Browser and Navigate to www.routerlogin.net .
  • A username will be the admin and the Password by default is password.
  • A update flag will be shown at top of the router home screen if New firmware is Available .
    Also can check Manually to make sure that Router is up to Date.
  • To Do this click the advanceD tab> Administration
  • In the Router update page Click check for firmware Updates If the firmware update is available it will be shown at this Time .
  • Click Yes If New firmware Update Is available .
  • A message apper On the screen Thats the wireless router Is Downloading the new Firmware Version .
  • After the Download is complete a screen will appear showing You the status of Router firmware .

(Note : Once The router Firmware is Installed A message appear on the screen telling you that the Netgear router will reboot while the router is rebooting you will loose your internet connectivity for a moment . Open browser and navigate To Routerlogin.net Put username and password and you see you no longer see a message That router firmware is available )

How to setup Netgear router ?

First important thing before accessing or going to routerlogin.net need to make sure that the hardware connections between modem, router or computer are right and if don’t have a computer or laptop, can take the help of any cellphone or tablets available at place. so do follow these quick easy steps :

  • In the first place, need an ethernet cable or a hardwire to establish the connection between ISP internet broadband modem and Netgear router. Then need to connect one end of ethernet cable at the back of internet broadband modem from isp to the back of Netgear router in the Internet or LAN port of Netgear router.
  • After connecting do make sure that the connection of ethernet cable is not loose from the router or with the modem.
  • Now turn on the router and modem and the power light on Netgear router comes up as steady green. It means Netgear router is ready to work. So we need a device to set up or access routerlogin.net page.
  • Use computer, laptop, cell phone or any tablet (but as our recommendation use a computer or laptop for quick and automatic setup )
  • If using a computer or laptop we can directly connect the computer from the back of Netgear router to the no.1,2,3,4 port with the help ethernet cable and case if don’t have an extra ethernet cable or computer, can use your cell phone, tablet or Wi-Fi connection on computer.
  • After having set up the connection between broadband modem, Netgear router and computer, cellphones or tablet need to open up a browser whatever you’re like and type the address on the top address bar which is www.routerlogin.net or you can directly type router IP address as well ie: and press ok or hit enter.
  • A page will come up automatically which says Username and password and that’s the login page of your router to set up Netgear router or to access the login page of router settings.
  • Then need to fill the information in the username and password box and that will the default username and password and will get that username and password from the back of Netgear router in a white label.
    (ie. default username : admin
    default password: Password )
    while filling this username and password one should make sure that it should be case-sensitive.
  • Press ok and get Netgear smart wizard page to set up or to make changes on your Netgear router.
    click on automatic setup to setup Netgear router or click on the different options to make changes on Netgear router according to choice.

How to set up Mywifiext net Extender?

  • Plug the extender into the power.
  • Now connect your computer, tablet or smart phone with extender network.
  • Then open any browser. Type mywifiext.net in the address bar or you can use IP: for reaching the extender setup page.
  • You will see setup screen, Click on the NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  • Accept the terms and condition. Then follow the steps
  • Choose the wifi signal want to extend and follow the steps.
  • It will reboot. Now your extender is ready to use
  • Then can connect devices with extender.